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Doing it all wrong – Errors and info dialog modals

Designers, you are doing it wrong!
Currently, when we do something wrong, you open a dialog in our face. This dialog modal message, damn box thingy has some fancy sentence in it you expect us to read. And then usually two buttons we have to select from with generic and ambiguous labels.
Now, mind you, this happens unexpectantly: Annoying to begin with. Then, you cover the damn screen with a box, removing context: I mean, thanks… now I can’t see what was one the screen that I clicked or typed that made things go sour. Oh, but then there is the background screen dimming, or blurring so the annoying modal pops out in my face even more: After a few times of tapping my screen brightness key to make sure it’s not just my monitor or my eyes, I realize I’m stuck playing the roll “Read the script they are force, feeding me,” I read and interpret and make the right choice—WRONG AGAIN. I clicked the ‘browser or phone ‘back’ button way back when I saw a styled modal box popup. I mean, we all know it’s better to just jump back and try something else till $hit works.

give me a big arrow, pointing right where you think I fked up. At the end of this arrow throw on two buttons, any order. The button labels tell me what, in everyday language, what my choices consist.
Now, angle those arrows and buttons differently. I mean, put the rotate on them, don’t be afraid…. there it is. Now I’m paying attention and I feel like I’m not wasting my time.
Rainbows, unicorns, and only two button choices from now on. DONE.
(three or more choices need from the mistake??? In such a situation, close lid on laptop, or lock phone screen, curl arm and hurl it across the space you are in, and go drink.