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Doing it all wrong – Errors and info dialog modals

Designers, you are doing it wrong!
Currently, when we do something wrong, you open a dialog in our face. This dialog modal message, damn box thingy has some fancy sentence in it you expect us to read. And then usually two buttons we have to select from with generic and ambiguous labels.
Now, mind you, this happens unexpectantly: Annoying to begin with. Then, you cover the damn screen with a box, removing context: I mean, thanks… now I can’t see what was one the screen that I clicked or typed that made things go sour. Oh, but then there is the background screen dimming, or blurring so the annoying modal pops out in my face even more: After a few times of tapping my screen brightness key to make sure it’s not just my monitor or my eyes, I realize I’m stuck playing the roll “Read the script they are force, feeding me,” I read and interpret and make the right choice—WRONG AGAIN. I clicked the ‘browser or phone ‘back’ button way back when I saw a styled modal box popup. I mean, we all know it’s better to just jump back and try something else till $hit works.

give me a big arrow, pointing right where you think I fked up. At the end of this arrow throw on two buttons, any order. The button labels tell me what, in everyday language, what my choices consist.
Now, angle those arrows and buttons differently. I mean, put the rotate on them, don’t be afraid…. there it is. Now I’m paying attention and I feel like I’m not wasting my time.
Rainbows, unicorns, and only two button choices from now on. DONE.
(three or more choices need from the mistake??? In such a situation, close lid on laptop, or lock phone screen, curl arm and hurl it across the space you are in, and go drink.


A Honey Hive debuts at the Herbfest, Stillwater, OK

Thank you to all who stopped by and supported buying Local Honey. My father would have loved to have been their taking part in person, but I know he was there in spirit.

Jars of honey glowing in the sun
Honey glowing in the sunlight out on my dad’s property.
Gary W. Breisch 1949 - 2022, tending to his bees with love.

Bee kind, bee well, and thank you for bee-ing.

Clients Ecommerce GUI Design UX Design Website

Performance Product Technologies Website Boats Products Category Page View Prototype

Provided Graphical User Interface and User Experience Design for the Ecommerce Website Re-design.

Clients Website

REYAP Website

Solid Line Design launches the REYAP Website, kicking-off the start of their online communications.

REYAP Website Screenshot - Showing the About page

REYAP, pronounced “REAP,”  stands for the Retired Educators for Youth Agricultural Programs.  REYAP, a statewide nonprofit organization, helps culturally diverse youth in Grades 7-12 realize the personal growth and career opportunities available in the field of agriculture.

Making information easily available on the web to existing and potential students was a primary objective.  REYAP’s opportunity to expose students to the multitude of Agricultural careers, which in today’s tech-focused world might otherwise be overlooked, is invaluable.  It may be where that student finds his or hers niche in life.

Solid Line Design created their basic online content management system, updated their branding (showcased on their new site), and provided their staff with training so they are not only on the World Wide Web, but have the power to manage their message and content from anywhere with internet access.


Clients News Website

Stillwater Group Homes Website

Stillwater Group Homes, Inc. is a private non-profit corporation that currently serves individuals with developmental disabilities.  They are helping their customers learn the essential skills and positive self esteem to live safely and independently in the community.   In addition, the vocational programs assist individuals in finding, learning and maintaining employment in the community.

When Stillwater Group Homes needed help being more accessible online, the choose Solid Line Design to help them get an online presence for their organization.   Now the can communicate more successfully with both customers and have the essential information available 24/7/365.  In addition to this, staff can login and keep up-to-date on insider events and announcements.   Visit their site to show your support or learn more at Stillwater Group Homes, Inc.  (